Due to the challenging leaf collection conditions this year, the following policies are being employed:

  • The Village will continue to use the leaf collector when conditions warrant. This requires thawed out leaves and minimal snow intrusion.
  • The Village will attempt to use the leaf collector into December, weather permitting. Traditionally we use the leaf collector into the first week of December.
  • When resources allow, frozen chunks of leaves will be shoveled into Village trucks. This non-standard practice is less efficient and more costly.
  • Residents may use the yard waste containers to remove leaves. Yard waste pickup will continue up to December 3rd.
  • We will modify collections and adjust as necessary as conditions warrant.

Leaf Collection

Leaf collection will start on or about September 30 and continue until December 6. Leaves should be raked into the street along the curb in 3-foot wide rows. NO GRASS CLIPPINGS, STICKS OR OTHER GARDEN DEBRIS IS ALLOWED.

Kohler Memorial Theatre

The theatre will undergo renovation starting in mid-March, with completion scheduled in late 2019. Please be aware of construction vehicles and material staging adjacent to the theatre.