Woodland Cemetery

Office located at Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, Kohler

370 Woodland Road
Kohler WI 53044

Phone: (920) 459-3873

Fax: (920) 459-5668

Cemetery Rules

Potted plants will be permitted upon lots and graves until the blossoms are dead and the plants become unsightly. Flowers, wreaths, etc., left on graves or lots will be removed as soon as possible after they fade or become unsightly. The Village of Kohler will not be responsible for loss of or damage to any article left upon any lot or grave, or in any part of the cemetery.

Not more than one flower bed will be allowed over each grave. Lot owners are permitted to have flower beds to a maximum width of a grave monument or marker and one foot out from the grave monument or marker. All other space over the grave will be seeded or sodded.

Winter decorations must be removed before May 1.

No trees, shrubs or plants shall be planted, pruned or removed without consent of the Superintendent/Public Works Department.

No fences are allowed on any lot or grave space.

The Village will take reasonable precautions to protect all private property, lots and/or grave owners' property in the cemetery from loss or damage, but it distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its control.

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Phone: (920) 459-3873
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